Medellin – An Up And Coming City In Colombia

Medellin is a beautiful, charming, and bustling city located in the interior of Colombia. It has a year-round, spring-like climate, which earned it the nickname the City of Eternal Spring. It is widely known for its beautiful setting surrounded by mountains, its pleasant, tropical climate, friendly Paisa residents, and for being one of the most developed cities in Colombia and one of the most innovative cities in the world.

El Poblado is the most developed and upscale neighborhood of Medellin, which has been experiencing a construction boom with new residential towers, hotels, and other properties rising throughout the city. Colombia construction projects have really taken off as the security situation throughout the country improved dramatically, and more and more people come to learn about this amazing country, which is attracting investors from all over the world. As the city continues to develop and innovate, it also provides increasing employment opportunities and development for not only foreign visitors but to the native inhabitants of the city as well.

Real estate and property in Medellin are also significantly cheaper compared to Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, most parts of South America, and the Caribbean. Medellin property rates remain low in comparison but are on the rise; many consider this to be the right time for investment. Residential apartments with high quality construction and magnificent views can cost about $50-80 per square foot in the most popular neighborhoods, while lower prices can be found in surround areas.

This city is relatively inexpensive for both real estate and cost of living, especially when compared similarly sized and developed metropolitan cities throughout the world. Medellin is continuously attracting new tourists, visitors, and businessmen, and offers wide selection short and long term apartment rentals for them. Whether you wish to spend a week or a month, these accommodations can give you more space, privacy, and an excellent home base in comparison to hotels.

These apartments offer all the amenities which foreign guests would be accustomed to, such as satellite TV, high speed internet, DVD players, as well as all the household goods which you would expect: utensils, dining table and chairs, bath towels, beds of your choice and size, and much more.

The security guard is always on duty, 24 hours in the day, thus, giving you peace of mind knowing you’ve got a safe place to live. Fully furnished apartments are available fotomultas medellin throughout Medellin, Colombia, but the most desirable location for foreigners is usually Poblado. It is considered one of the safest places in the city, and is located close to the main hub of tourist activity like Parque Lleras, Parque Poblado, and the city’s best restaurants, malls, nightlife and much more.

Whether you want to rent a furnished apartment in Medellin or wish to invest in a property, First American Realty Medellin can assist you. It is one of the leading foreign investment companies offering an array of services to its foreign clients, visitors, investors, and businesses so that they can easily live, work, invest, or visit in Medellin.

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