Read This Before You Consider Buying Antique Wall Clocks

If you were to ask most people what constitutes a clock being an antique, most would simply say being “old.” Misconceptions are common when it comes to anything antique so as a consumer interested in antique wall clocks it is your right and responsibility to know how to tell a true antique from a collectible or even fake. Sadly, it is all too common to find companies and individuals selling products to trusting consumers as being antique when in fact, the clocks are nothing of the sort. Horloge à poser

Identifying an antique clock from a newer one or reproduction depends on the type of product. However, once you understand how different clocks work, whether one made from wrought iron, ones that have been hand painted, enhanced with genuine silver and gold, designer wall clocks, or ones with pendulum action, you would be able to walk into any store or meet any dealer and know within a few minutes if the product were as advertised.

A great example is the wall grandfather clock. All of these regardless of age operate by the swing of a pendulum. However, the newer version or those reproduced to look like an antique have a pendulum that is spring driven.

It would also be crucial that you purchase any product being sold as an “antique” from a reputable source. If you plan to buy a wall clock from a dealer, we suggest you check with the organization through which the dealer is licensed and/or the Better Business Bureau to see if people have filed complaints.

One of the easiest ways to distinguish antique wall clocks from newer or reproductive variations is by looking at the brand. In most cases, this information is found in the form of an insignia printed or engraved on the front side or face. Using the insignia, you could then look visit a book store to look at books on them or better yet, conduct online research.

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